About Me

I am in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department within the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am a rising senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and intend on graduating in April 2021.

About My Mentor

My mentor is Odest Chadwicke Jenkins. He is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering and Associate Director of the Robotics Institute, both at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Professor Jenkins’ research interests involve mobile manipulation, computer vision, interactive robot systems, and human-robot interaction. For more information about my mentor, click here.

About My Project

Our research goal is to create an effective first-year undergraduate programming experience involving academically popular path planning algorithms in conjunction with physical robots. Our goal this summer is to design, build, and program a prototype of a physical robot from scratch with a working simulation of said robot and dualshock 4 controller support for both physical and simulated systems. We also strive to improve upon methods of teaching programming to students with no background in computing.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog